Since last sixteen years, Pratibha Medinox has fulfilled the most demanding needs of the medical fraternity & hospital industry. We have continuously offered exceptional ergonomic designs, reliable and aesthetic value with our product offerings. Quality, reliability, and durability are the cornerstones of every Pratibha Medinox product.

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Pratibha Medinox offers state of the art advanced technology products. These are manufactured to the strictest quality and safety standards lauded by the medical industry.

ISO Certified

Why Pratibha Medinox?

We partner with you to create products that are utilized in virtually all healthcare settings. Our products provide secure positioning, mobility, and ergonomic access to medical devices and computer hardware. Overall, it is our aim to enable caregivers to deliver improved patient care.

Completely Customized Configuration

Our products are custom manufactured to your specific requirements. Our teams of designers provide expert advice and support, and will even help you develop specifications for your project. It is possible to fit virtually any manufacturers medical gas terminal units and electrical sockets to any national standard, as well as nurse call System, data sockets, telephone jacks, switches, equi-potential earth sockets, examination and reading lamps etc.

Focus on Winning Aesthetics

The way a patient feels is affected by many factors, including the environment they are in. There is a strong emphasis on improving the patient environment in modern hospital design. Careful selection of colour, textures and lighting schemes within the patient environment have been proven to aid the recovery process. Wall Utilizer H & V Bedhead panel/Trunking, Medical Rail System is supplied with coloured fascia plates, so the bedhead system can complement to any chosen decor, enhancing the patient environment. This makes the hospital ward ambiance less clinical, more inviting, homely and relaxing.

Inbuilt Optimized Lighting

Integral high efficiency fluorescent luminaires provide a cost effective method of achieving general ward illumination and patient reading lighting. The Wall Utilizer H Bedhead Panel/Trunking, is designed to be used with T5 or LED Lighting, with high frequency electronic fixed output or dimmable ballasts. Luminaires can be fitted with DALI or DSI compatible ballasts, offering the hospital a high degree of functional control, whilst minimizing energy consumption. Thus help in saving our environment.

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